I'm Shahnti – a producer and talent executive.

Shahnti Olcese Brook

Producer / Talent Executive
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Since the beginning my journey in this field, my dedication to the work and motivation to grow has led me to exceptional projects and experiences.​ ​I invite you to explore my site to get a better understanding of my specialties, technique, and professional experience.​ Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more.

Shahnti is an Emmy Award-winning Producer and a Peabody recipient. She has created and developed many variety/entertainment news and talk shows for NBC Universal, Telepictures, PBS, KTLA, SciFi (Syfy), and more.
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My story

Recent Partnership

Human Content was founded in 2022 by Aron Reuben Korney, Robert Goldman, and Shahnti Olcese Brook – highly accomplished producers, creative executives, series show runners, and suspected humans. We often refer to our company as an IP incubator; focused on launching intellectual property through simulcast podcasting that engages target audiences, inspires host talent, attracts brand partners, and scales beyond its medium (e.g., television adaptations, books, merchandise, live events).
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